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(If there is anything you would like us to post here please go to Contact page and submit your information there, email photos to Daisie Washington - graystrek@aol.com or Grace Holden - oscaleg@yahoo.com.)

In honor of our loved ones who have passed on:
(this is not a complete list of loved ones who have passed on; please submit names and dates we have missed.)

Leala B Coleman-Carr-Holden - 07/23/1906 - 06/03/1951

Arlene Carr- Brown  - 03/12/1923 - 01/01/1963
Bonny Bee Manning- Payne - 10/16/1940 - 08/02/1966

Oscar W Holden, Sr.  - 01/11/1886 - 06/19/1969

Yolanda Denise Holden - 02/02/1969- 08/24/1970

Sara Marie Holden - 1983 - 1983

Hussin Washington - 02/09/1967 - 12/26/1988

Michael Anthony Tramble, Jr. - 10/21/1974 - 06/28/1991

Rolen (aka) "Ron" Holden - 08/07/1940 - 01/22/1997
Oscar W.G, Holden, Jr. -  09/10/1931 - 10/11/2005 

Robert L. Holden -  01/10/1936 - 04/10/2008

Paul Pavageau - 12/31/1957 - 08/15/2009

Donna Patrice Peguero - 09/10/1960 - 02/15/2010

Yul John Melonson 3rd - 3/10/2010 -3/10/2010

Grace Laurene Holden - 4/20/1930 - July 6, 2018

Lucille ("Baby Lucille") R. Hewitt - 8/11/1975 - 6/5/2019

James Edward Holden - 10/7/1947 - 11/20/2020

New Arrivals:


Jan:                                    Feb:                                 ___ March:                    ___ April:
Teresa Jackson           Angela Melonson              Mickel Sr                            Mickel Jr McKinley
Aneesa Huges              Denise Pavaegeau            Joan Holden                     Marcus McKinley
Alan Pugh                     Jacqueline Peguero         Zenith Bertrand               Grace Holden     
Alvin Pugh                    Kahlee (Holden)                Rashid Hubbard              Damian Holden
Sabrina Johnson        Ryan Hagood                     Denna Lewis                     Osharye Hagood
Shalonda Peguero     Janyah Haynes                 Lisa Holden-Byrnes       Yasic Lawrynowicz
Deborah Holden         Milton Givens                    Alexandria Melonson    Rudi Hagood
Arielle Pavageau       Diana Holden                     Lucille Reddic                   Devin Gillaspie           
Yul J. Melonson Jr    Kathy Holden
Malita G. Melonson
Alegra Thornburg

May:                                 June:                                     July:                          ___     August:
Mickela McKinley      Yolanda McKinley          Grace McKinley                Susan  Williams
Coreena Gardner        Leala Red                           Yvette Melonson              Dave Holden Jr
Dave Holden Sr           Daisie Washington          Chris Pavageau                Thurman Thomas IV
Kaya Holden                Donte BakerMcKinley    Raymond Washington  Yul Melonson, Sr.          
Angie Holden               Ethan Washington                                                           Aliyah Hughes  
Donnie Reddic Jr       Asya Washington                                                              Lucille (Evans) Hewitt
                                          Lil Ron Holden                                                                     Christian Holden
                                          Rudy Hagood                                                                 
                                          Dornald (Donnie) Reddic, Sr 

Sept:                                    October:                            November:           ___     December:
Darian Synder               Kathileen Holden        Kaylee  Snyder                Dominque Pavageau   
Lehetta Holden             Jimmy Holden              Oscar "OJ" Holden        Darren Hughes Hagood
Quibilah Washington  Isaiah Snyder              Lydia Reddic                   Myeisha Peguero-Gamino
Antonio Peguero          Robert Graham             Marjean Holden          
Zanna Bertrand           Jerryl Melonson             Kayla Melonson                                             
Sydney Pavageau              


Lucille (Evans) wed Claude L. Hewitt, Jr. -August 9m 2010

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